Surfbet Group offers a free  iframe version of oddscheck coupon and oddsfair tool for webmaster who want to add the above services on their site.

Oddscheck iframe

<iframe src="http://www.oddscheck.net/f_index.php" width="843px" height="715" scrolling="auto" allowtransparency="false" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Oddsfair iframe

<iframe src="http://www.oddsfair.net/frame/" width="800px" height="800px" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe>


For more information and assistance on how to integrate the iframes on your site please do not hesitate too contact us at : [email protected]


It was 2007 when Guru L , the soul of surfbet.net dreamt of a group of sites that would provide all the needs of a punter. The first piece of the puzzle was oddscheck.net the odds comparison portal for singles and multiples, followed by fcfantasy.net  the betting predictions game offering top prizes on weekly game... read more...

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